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Dec 10, 2012 7:00pm PST
're saying little about this case. >>> a woman who murdered nursing student michelle le was found guilty today. we have a dramatic escape to tell you about involving two workers delivering laundry. their truck struck power lines early this morning on fairmont drive. but a report shows quick thinking may have saved their lives. >> this is all that remains after a tractor-trailer hit power lines knocking them down and causing a track to burst into flames. >> the person in the vehicle jumped out, cleared the vehicle, which had they stepped out normally, they would have caused a bridge to the ground and probably got electrocuted. >> reporter: fortunates say the -- firefighters say the call came in in the morning. they had to wait one hour before putting out the flames. >> we received the call at 3:57. we had a crew on sunny within a half hour. immediately, they went to work with the fist responders on scene to make the situation safe. >> reporter: they supply power to the lines but say the county doesn't own them. >> it's their property. they are responsible for the maintenance of that.
Dec 12, 2012 1:30pm PST
? >> everybody's feeling like taylor swift is giving them the treatment, like pulling them apart. >> lea michelle is telling marie claire magazine that she talks to her bobbies and they talk back. >> i'm not even going to look at you it. >> a lot of people are superstitious about this 12/12/12 thing. it's not gonna happen again till the next century. >> right, 13/13 is the next one. >> there's no 13th month. >> demi moore gets dumped by her 20-year-old boyfriend. en. >> wendy williams is now using her show to bash celebrities. >> you know, beyonce can't talk. >> neither can you. >> we're taking the greatest radio voices in america and made them the new face of television entertainment news. coast to coast from new york. the ricky smiley show atlanta and beyond. kidd kraddick world champion from the heart of texas. this is dish nation. >> all right, what's going on with taylor swift? >> the cougar. she's 22 and he's 18. >> can we call her a cougar? >> in teenage years, if you're 18, you say, i'm dating an older chick. >> if you're 18 and you got a 22-year-old, you're balling. >> she has benefits.
Dec 10, 2012 11:30pm PST
michelle le to a prison term of 25 years to life. the judge said giselle esteban has shown no remorse. the victim's family had harsh words for esteban outside the courtroom. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed in the courtroom but we caught up with michelle le's brother and cousin immediately after esteban's sentencing. >> i just want people to know how beautiful and how amazing michelle was. and how much her death has impacted me. >> reporter: the judge said he had never seen such premeditated. he said esteban never show an ounce of remorse. >> we felt she never showed remorse. just stared at our family with a blank stare. it was good that he pointed that out. >> reporter: esteban killed le in may 2011 in the misguided belief that she was having an affair with her son's father. >> maybe she will never feel remorse, i can't say that. but if she did, she will show some kind of inkling of being a human being. >> reporter: she waived her rights to speak. but it was the words of michelle le's family that everybody was listening to. >>> the mother of an organ donor honored her son today
Dec 13, 2012 1:30pm PST
happened? pictures of that cold sore came out. maybe you would like to know that first lady michelle obama is actually number 33. >> she's desirable. >> sophia vagara. sara silverman. >> that's disrespect. >> i think i hit a secret service -- >> everything be on the air, radio, everything. >> take two. first lady michelle obama's on it. it is the rise of the older hot chicks. >>> it's time to get more laughs from "dish nation" from the get more cash people, novation. send in your caption for today's photo. take a look. >>> he's about to show this old lady how birds feed each other. >> gerard butler thinking, hey, at least she won't get pregnant. >> get more laughs as powered by nova i.t. novation capital. >>> victoria's secret models singing "deck lthe halls." >> i don't care if you're singing down under as long as you're humming. (♪ carolers singing "deck the halls" ♪) find savings worth singing about all month long at petsmart. save 20% on hundreds oitems plus get milk-bone® dog treats and pup-peroni® dog snacks in select sizes for only $10.99 each. only at petsmart®. well, inside
Dec 7, 2012 1:30pm PST
that have ocd. this lady name michelle had a very interesting name of greeting her daughter's baby daddy. >> put your arms up, turn around -- >> evan's dad, noah, smells like a cigarette. i have to spray him with an air freshener. >> was that fabreeze? >> that looked like homemade stuff. >> i'm a neat freak, i have not sprayed anybody down. >> you know -- >> she need a settle down, and why does he allow her to spray him down like that, what kind of punk [ bleep ] dude -- on my brand new white that i just bought. >>> those wacky brazilians are back with their reality tv show. >> this is that outrageous show where they put people in the elevator, and then they prank them. >> this time they bring a coffin into the elevator, they get locked out, and the comedy ensues. >> ut oh -- >> you hear the noise? >> give me another angle. let me see one more -- >> if there were any way to get out of that elevator, they would have broken out. >> here is my favorite reaction -- what can you do when this is going on, what does that even mean? she's trying to fly out of there. >> time to get more laughs fr
Dec 9, 2012 11:30pm PST
found her guilty in octave killing michelle le in hayward. prosecutors say she killed le out of jealousy, because she thought her ex-boyfriend was having a romantic relationship with le. >>> the search is on for two women caught using a stolen credit card. the women appear to be in a black toy yet suv with three sun roofs. the credit card was stolen in sausalito. if you recognize the women, police want to hear from you. >>> you might have noticed a bit of a relief at the gas pump. the price of a gallon of gas has dropped 10 cents. in the bay area, a gallon runs about 3:71 in san francisco. $3.59 in oakland, and $5.57 in san jose. the ninth straight week of falling prices. analysts predict they're going to keep going down. >>> officials for the smart train are asking local officials for a large summary of federal transportation funds. they put in a request for $6.6 million to buy more train cars at this year's prizes. it only has about $10 million in funding, and dealing with $38 million in requests from various cities and counties. a decision is expected tomorrow. >>> this weekend santa
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6